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Purchasing a Vintage Martin Guitar

If like millions others, you too are a fan of the vintage Martin guitars and are planning to buy one for yourself, then you need to take care of some important points before making the deal.

Observing the Manufacturing Year:

It is very easy to determine the year of making in case of the vintage Martin guitars. The year should be 1898 or later. There is a unique serial number inside every guitar. The year can be determined by this number.

Considering the Guitar Type:

‘Flat Top’ is a trademark of the Martin guitars. ‘Flat Top’ means that these guitars have a sound hole in the centre of the guitar along with the “pin” type bridge. Along with the ‘Flat Top’ models, Martin also created some novel Archtop models in 1930s. These guitars either had a one sound hole or two “f” style holes, one on either side of the arched top, along with a bridge that was “trapeze” styled. There were other famous vintage styles manufactured by Martin like the Ukuleles, the Tenor Guitar, and the Taropatches.

Determining the Authenticity of the Guitar:

The originality and authenticity of a guitar is the most desired component for the collector. Any change or any modification in the original will not be liked by any Martin fan. Once you have determined the year of the martin guitar, you can look for the snap of the original model on the net and then compare the guitar and the snap and thus, find the difference (if any) all by yourself. It is the bridge, tuners, or the frets which are generally replaced or modified.