Easiest Way To Learn Guitar

fingerstyle guitar

Learning to play the guitar is lots of fun, but it can be a challenge, especially without a guitar teacher. It is possible to teach yourself the fundamentals of guitar on your own, with a few simple steps. The Guitar The first step is to choose the right guitar. Beginners often choose a guitar that … Read more

Martin Guitar Serial Numbers, Find the Year – Lookup Martin Serial

Martin Guitar Serial Numbers: Find the Year – Lookup Martin Serial All Martin guitars since 1898 (except solidbody electrics from the 1970s, basses, and tiples) are numbered in consecutive order. Ukuleles do not have serial numbers. Mandolins use a different serial number system than guitars. Martin guitar serial numbers start at 8000 in 1898 because … Read more

Martin Made other brands

Martin Guitar’s Other Brands Since 1900, Martin did make guitars, mandolins and ukes for other brands and guitar studios. No, this was not “common”. Just because your guitar looks like a Martin, doesn’t mean it is. Even if your instrument is one of the brands listed below, that does NOT mean it was necessarily made … Read more