Martin Flat Top Style 28

HD-28_fThe Style 28 Martin guitar includes the D-28, 000-28, OM-18, 0-28, 00-28 models which have a spruce top and a rosewood body. This theme has been the most popular line of vintage Martin guitars since the late 1800s.

It has an awesome sound which is the main reason why these guitars have been the favorite of several big stars as well. All the style-28 models including the D-28 model have been higher-end models which have a rosewood body along with a great sound. All the Martin style 28 vintage instruments models which were made before 1947 have a herribone trim look that appears extremely trendy. All the models which are made from Brazilian rosewood look more sleek and better than the models which are made from Indian rosewood. The number ‘28’ indicates the style of the guitar model. The letters that are prefixed before ‘28’ mark the body size. 0-28 is the smallest in the range, 00-28, OM-28,000-28 are bigger than 0-28 and D-28 is the largest of the lot. Considering today’s music trends, D-28, OM-28 and 000-28 are considered to be the best sized models.

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The OM-28 was manufactured between 1929 and 1933 and is a very interesting model because its novel design bears some impressive modern features. There are some other 18 models like the OO-28C (1966-1976), OOO-28C (1962-1966), and OO-28 G (1936-1962), which are actually different from other Martin guitar lines. OO-28K is the coolest of them all and the most desirable. The classical tenor and gut models are especially popular among people throughout the world.