1932 Martin C-1 Archtop – Vintage Martin Guitar

A 1932 Martin C-1 Archtop with round sound hole.

Style C-1 arch top.
Collectibility Rating: D–

Arch top body size is equivalent to the flat top 000 body size, 15″ wide across the top, carved spruce top, back is not carved but is arched by bracing, mahogany back and sides, style 18 flat top trim, trapeze tail piece, rosewood fingerboard, nickel plated parts, sunburst top finish.

1931 Style C-1 specs:

  • Vertical pearl “Martin” peghead logo on early models.
  • Round sound hole.

    • f-holes introduced instead of round sound hole. Made either way this year.
    • Decal style peghead logo (vertical pearl logo dropped).

1932 Style C-1 specs:

1933 Style C-1 specs:

Round sound hole completely dropped in favor of f-holes.

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1935 Style C-1 specs:

White body binding instead of tortoise.

1942 Style C-1 specs:

Style C-1 discontinued.