Martin D-35 Dreadnought

D35MARTINI think the heart of every guitarist falls in love instantly upon seeing a Martin 1833 logo decal upon an acoustic guitar’s headstock, no matter how it looks there’s something that makes it irresistible to play and hear how it sounds. Although the factory may not put as much time and effort into every guitar they build these days they still are capable of producing wonderfully beautiful instruments and in this article we’re going to have a look at the Martin D-35. It’s got a price tag so is worth it?

Well the first thing that strikes you is it’s appearance with a 3 piece rosewood back, it looks gorgeous enough to eat! Adding to it’s overall appearance is a bound ebony fretboard. It’s a dreadnought and with such a huge top the bass in its sound is strong and punchy without being overbearing. To balance this Martin have used ¼” bracing which actually makes the treble sing out more.

Let’s take a quick run down of the woods behind much of this guitars beautiful tone. There’s a spruce top and 3 piece rosewood back, the sides are also of rosewood and the fingerboard is ebony. Like any good acoustic guitar maker Martin take much care in their wood selection and the quality is consistently good across the range.

Martin guitar cases are always of a high quality and the case which comes with the D-35 is a deluxe case. The guitar fits into it perfectly and of course anyone who owns a Martin acoustic guitar and case will know what I mean when I mention the smell! Delicious right? It’s something only us devoted guitar players can understand and appreciate.

So if you’re looking for a Martin dreadnought be sure to add the D-35 to your list of models to check out.

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